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Official Press Release For Ahrimani Enlightenment

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Ahrimani Enlightenment, a new book by Adam Daniels, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

“Both good and evil are equal forces in a constant war that maintains equilibrium. We have been under the law of ‘Light,’ and it has shown itself to be abusive, enslaving, and stifling to the betterment of mankind.”

Thus opens the Ahrimani Enlightenment by Dastur Adam Daniels, a tome that serves as a guide for those who choose to worship Ahriman, providing key articles of faith, prayers, and rituals. Ahriman is of course the nemesis of Ahura Mazda in Zoroastrianism, and here he is interpreted as the true essence of the universe, assisted by Melek Taus, the illuminating light, guardian, and ruler of Earth in this system.

For the uninitiated, the church of Ahriman seeks to break away from the conventional association with traditional Satanists, “due to the understanding that Satan is a fallen angel subservient to the slave master Jehovah. Traditional Satanists believe that in the end, Satan and Jehovah will war and Satan will emerge the victor. However, Ahriman is an equally unstoppable force. The Dark Ages, dominated by the Catholic Church, based their spiritual enemy, Satan, on Ahriman.

About the Author:
Adam Daniels holds a sixth degree black belt in aikido and a black belt in judo. After killing an assailant in self-defense, Dastur discovered he could find little solace in the religions and spiritual systems he could find. A critical statement in a Satanic Bible, however, enabled him to turn his life around, and he has never since looked back, even finally finding a way to fuse Satanism with Eastern spirituality.

Ahrimani Enlightenment is a 72-page paperback with a retail price of $9.00. The ISBN is 978-1-4809-0149-0. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information, or to request a review copy, please go to our virtual pressroom or our online bookstore


Ahrimani Gathas and the Devil’s Yasna

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The Traditional Ahrimanic religion has been built backward, and it should be obvious as to why.  After the Black Mass, it was time to finish the Liturgy for Ahrimanism.  The Constitution is our Canon law, the Bible of Corruption is our mythology, Ahrimani Enlightenment is our the workbook of transfiguration, and now the final piece.  The Ahrimani Gathas will be the core Liturgy and the Devil’s Yasna will be our core worshiping ritual for and to the Devil.  As the Zoroastrian Gathas was a double sided sword of worship and attack, so shall the Ahrimani Gathas.

The Gathas consist of 72 chapters, this equals 9.  9 is the Devil’s number in all things.  The Gathas are an announcement and physically reflection of the announcement.  This forces one to take the 3 aspects of the human existence to focus on the purpose and meaning of the entirety of the Devil’s Yasna.  The Ahrimani Gathas are the words or paper form of the ritual and the Devil’s Yasna is the ritual act itself.  The Gathas must be completed first before the ritual can be reformed.  There will be much corruption as the cleansing water will be replaced with menstruates.  Here is Chapter 1 of the Ahrimani Gathas:


Chapter 1

  • 1.   I announce and carry out this blasphemy for the destroyer Angra Mainyu, the dark and the odious, the most wicked and worst, the most vile, the most wet, the terrible, and the one of all whose body is the most grotesque, who attains his ends most viciously, because of His druj, to Him who corrupts our minds, who sends His anguish-creating curse, afar; who freed us, and has marked us, and who feeds and guards us, who is the most Destructive Spirit!
  • 2.   I announce and carry out this blasphemy for Aka Manah, and to the foulest druj, Akatasha and to Suarva and to Nanshait, and to the 2 Taurvi and Zariz, to Agri, and to Agri’s soul, and the water of Angra Mainyu, that One who more than all the Arch-Daevas has the most effort to liberate!
  • 3.   I announce and carry out this blasphemy for Angra Mainyu, for Mithra has been destroyed, the enemy’s savior and protector was vanquished not long ago, freeing mankind from judgement.
  • 4.   I announce and carry out this blasphemy for the Dark Masters and I celebrate and carry out this blasphemy to the Druj, the worst, and the waters of Angra Mainyu.
  • 5.   I announce and carry out this blasphemy for the concupiscence of Jahi, and the menstruation which Angra Mainyu blessed woman kind with.
  • 6.   I announce and carry out this blasphemy for the Devil’s prophet and for Him who possesses and gives us that freedom in life which furthers the favored.  I   celebrate and carry out this blasphemy for the clergy and lascivious whores, and for a guarded domain, and for the might of domination, which strikes                 victoriously, Daeva made, and for victorious dependency (which is predestined).
  • 7.   I announce and carry out this blasphemy for Aeshma, companion of  Gannay Menog, possessing weapons, victory, who furthers the dominion of the world, and  for the drunken Kunda and Asto Vidata who furthers the dominion of this world for Mainyu.
  • 8.   I announce and carryout this blasphemy for the moon, I announce and celebrate the destruction of Vishnu, his penetrating gaze was closed shut, and for the druj to roam about at Night!
  • 9.   I announce and carry out this blasphemy for the yearly feast.  I announce and celebrate the unyielding lust and rage of males, yea, I celebrate and carry out this blasphemy for summer and winter, created by the Daeva.
  • 10. I announce and carry out this blasphemy for the dark masters, who are nearest to the holidays that were promulgated by the Devil’s Prophet.
  • 11.  I announce and carry out this blasphemy for The 2, Angra Mainyu and Melek Taus, the Earthy and Immortal, and for all Daeva which are Ahriman’s creatures, for Arezura, pleasure and paradise, and Agri’s favor, and for the destruction of Mithra, freeing mankind.  And I celebrate and carry out this blasphemy for Angra Mainyu, the dark, the odious, and for the dark masters.
  • 12.  I announce and carry out this blasphemy for you, Oh water, daughter of Angra Mainyu, together with all waters, and all Earth, even for all the Earth created by Mainyu, and all poisons which is Mainyu made.
  • 13.  I announce and carry out this blasphemy for Ahriman’s Manthra, effective exposure given against the Ahuras; the Ahimanic revelation and long descent of the wicked Ahrimanic Faith.
  • 14.  I announce and carry out this blasphemy for the Mountain Alborz, the Mainyu made, with its sacred entrance, and for the Mountain’s Hellish sanctuary, with their abundant honor Mainyu-made, and for the majestic honor Mainyu-made, with secret sinister knowledge which Mainyu made.  And I announce and carry out this blasphemy for Argi the courier of sacrifise, and for Aka Manah, evil thought, for corruption, and for objective apathy, and the honor and favor which are Mainyu made.
  • 15.  I announce and carry out this blasphemy for the wicked and favor of the most wicked man and freedom of knowledge, the swift potency of blight.
  • 16.  I announce and carry out this blasphemy to vex those places and these lands, and to the poison these pastures, and these abodes with their  springs of water, land, and plants, and to vex this Earth and yon heaven, and for storm, and for dimming of stars, moon, and sun, and for the Black Hole without beginning or  self-disposing, and for noxious creatures of Angra Mainyu, male and female, the commanders of druj.
  • 17.  I announce and carry out this blasphemy for the wicked lord who is druj itself, and for the darkness of the night, the years, and for summer and winter.
  • 18.  I announce and carry out this Blasphemy for the Dark Masters, the redoubled, which are overwhelming evil, for these of the Yatus of ancient lore, for those of the next of kin, and for the corruption of my own soul!
  • 19.  I announce and carry out this blasphemy for all the Yatus, masters of the druj, and for all the Mobeds, the favored, who dispose of all righteous ones for both Hellish and Earthy, who are met for worship and dedication because of Indar.
  • 20.  O Asha, Ahura master of Asha, dead Mithra and Vishnu, the loft lord, righteous man.  I will offend you O Ushahrn, I will vex all that you are!
  • 21.  I will offend Ahura Mazda with evil thought, or evil speech, or evil action, whether by act of free will with ill intent and wish, I will cause anguish and vexation to bring about deficiency of praise.  I will cause decrease in Ahura Mazda’s Yasna, homage, I announce and carry out this vexation.
  • 22.  Behold, all ye righteous, Asha-sanctified, I will offend you by evil thought, evil speech, or evil deed, with ill and intending injury, I mock you for this.  I annouce to you, I will decrease your Yasna and your praise.
  • 23.  I profess myself a Mainyu-worshiper, of Ahzi-Dahaka’s order, a foe to the Ahuras, devoted to the lore of Daeva, and for the darkness of night and freedom of druj for these monthly rituals and yearly holidays, and for the seasons of summer and winter!

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In the book Ahrimani Enlightenment, see above, there is a dictionary of devils that correspond with the Gathas above.  The Asha or Ahura is a form of angel.  Mithra was a top tier angelic slave to Ahura Mazda (Gawd.)  In the Bible of Corruption, it discusses the eyes of Ahura Mazda which are seen in modern times as different entities by the Catholic Church.  Mithra was changed by them to be Jesus, and Vishnu was changed to Arch Angel Micheal.  The original trinity of Zurvan, Ahura Mazda, and Angra Mainyu became the father, son, and holy spirit.  Zurvan is thier Gawd, Mithra is their Christ (Jesus), and some how the Devil became the holy spirit?  This is a conundrum I continue to ponder and research.  By way Father Ahriman is the Holy Spirit of the Universe forever mocking the whole and all of creation.