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Ahrimani Yajna

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Invisible (Exterior)

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As a Yatus, you are a sorcerer, which is defined: the use of magical powers that are obtained through evil spirits.  One of the most important aspect of Sorcery is idolatry, this is a form that represents the Daeva you work with.  This gives them a physical form that can be used to communicate with, and a housing for your devotional energy that is sacrificed to that particular Daeva.  The term sacrifice, is not what society brain washes you to think, sacrifice is any act of devotion toward an entity.  Singing a Daeva’s hymn, toning a mantra to a Daeva, giving masturbatory or sexual energy, and/or giving Ahrimani pieces of your body to the Daeva; these Evil Words and Evil Actions and even Evil thoughts give energy are and forms of sacrifice.

Ahrimani pieces of your body, are pieces that leave your body: urine, feces, hair, finger and toes nails, dead skin, semen, menses, blood, vomit, exhaling breath and tears.  These are the most obvious parts of you as a human animal that are considered waste, but the Daeva can use these things to perpetuate the Sin War in the Invisible realm.  When we sacrifice our energy and Ahrimani body parts, we give them the energy to maintain their immortality and supplies that can lead to the creation of druj, weapons, or even illusions to misdirect the righteous and the pious.  There is a relationship that must be established between the Daeva and a devotee, and this relationship builds over time.  Through this devotion and sacrifice will the Daeva take notice and will start granting and fulfilling magical requests given by the devotee.

Another way to work with the Daeva, is to imbue your energy with one of them in a gem stone.  The beginning imbuing process was already described in the massage aspect of each Chakra explanation.  The traditional way of selecting the gem stone was a simple game of matching color stone to color of Chakra, and it is was heavily studied and chosen carefully to fit the vibrations of the body and the Daeva’s attributes.  In Traditional Ahrimanism, the core pantheon of Daeva that we work with is known as the Dikpala.  The Dikpala is the Hindu concept of Temple Guardians, this is a basic map to three dimensional understanding of magic and the fusion of physical reality and the Invisible.

The Dikpala consist of 10 Daevas, at the 8 points of a Chaos Star, above, and below.  This takes magic from a 2-D platform that only allows for polygons to be used as sacred geometry, whereas 3-D spatial polyhedron creates an intersection that most New Agers call an Astro-temple.  What these New Agers, fail to realize is that the Invisible is a reflection of the physical reality, and to force the establishment of this reflection is the use of mirrors that are set up to be in the state of an infinity reflection.  The pentagon shape is bested used to set up your magical workings because it allow for a cross-roads of the infinity reflection in an X versus a cross + type cross-road.  Within that area created by the mirrors, you will also need to add the above and below by placing one mirror on the ground and one directly above the one on the ground above on the ceiling.

Just as our subtle body is made of the same cosmic material that the invisible is made of (Purusha), combined with the multi-level infinity reflections from the mirrors, allow for the impression of  the Astral Temple (the ritual space held within the mirror construct) to have a reflection and allows for ritual activity to make an impression on the Invisible.  The Dikpala is called into the spatial construct for 2 reasons.  First, they stand as Invisible Guardians against other Invisible entities that want or are commanded to disrupt your magical working.  The second reason is for the Dikpala to absorb the devotional energy directly and to establish an easier form of communication between us and them.  It also allows for our Ahrimani Sacrifice to be given directly to each Guardian without having to use the go between of fire, Agri the courier.

Within the core pantheon of Daevas that we use, you should find that 7 of those are our Chakra Guardians as well.  The other aspect of the Invisible is the Navagrahas, these are the Planetary Guardians.  Vedic Hindu have a set of 9 Navagrahas, 7 of which are planets in our Solar System and the other 2 based on the tilt of the Earth’s Moon.  They are a paradox that is supposed to influence reality based on the tilt of the Moon, and this was found to only create an inconsequential mythological flux of materialism and spirituality depending on the tilt of the Moon.  Again, 7 members of the Dikpala are also found in the Traditional Ahrimanic Navagrahas.

Mantras that are used to call that specific Daeva with its planet’s energy, is the other aspect of imbuing a gem stone that has already been used to imbue your energy from the Chakra Massage workings.  Another aspect of the Navagrahas, is they have their own Precious Gem Stones that powerfully imbue their nature, these Precious Gem Stones can be imbued and made into personal jewelry that functions similar to what occultists call a Djinn Ring or pendant.  The other gem stones can be used for other types of magical uses that create vibrational disruption to an area that it will be placed.  Thus, it can heighten a magical effect in an area that will be targeted for a physical response by the Invisible.  Think of it as a way for the Invisible and Daeva to have a homing beacon.  If you charge a pair of these gem stones and place one in the targeted area or person, then place its pair in 3-D cube box with Ahrimani Sacrifice, you now have a beacon and battery for a continued use or long term affect against your target.

Official Press Release For Ahrimani Enlightenment

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Ahrimani Enlightenment, a new book by Adam Daniels, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

“Both good and evil are equal forces in a constant war that maintains equilibrium. We have been under the law of ‘Light,’ and it has shown itself to be abusive, enslaving, and stifling to the betterment of mankind.”

Thus opens the Ahrimani Enlightenment by Dastur Adam Daniels, a tome that serves as a guide for those who choose to worship Ahriman, providing key articles of faith, prayers, and rituals. Ahriman is of course the nemesis of Ahura Mazda in Zoroastrianism, and here he is interpreted as the true essence of the universe, assisted by Melek Taus, the illuminating light, guardian, and ruler of Earth in this system.

For the uninitiated, the church of Ahriman seeks to break away from the conventional association with traditional Satanists, “due to the understanding that Satan is a fallen angel subservient to the slave master Jehovah. Traditional Satanists believe that in the end, Satan and Jehovah will war and Satan will emerge the victor. However, Ahriman is an equally unstoppable force. The Dark Ages, dominated by the Catholic Church, based their spiritual enemy, Satan, on Ahriman.

About the Author:
Adam Daniels holds a sixth degree black belt in aikido and a black belt in judo. After killing an assailant in self-defense, Dastur discovered he could find little solace in the religions and spiritual systems he could find. A critical statement in a Satanic Bible, however, enabled him to turn his life around, and he has never since looked back, even finally finding a way to fuse Satanism with Eastern spirituality.

Ahrimani Enlightenment is a 72-page paperback with a retail price of $9.00. The ISBN is 978-1-4809-0149-0. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information, or to request a review copy, please go to our virtual pressroom or our online bookstore

Absolution Never, Inspiration

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One of issues I find repugnant, is people seem to think I’m here to absolve their guilt because I’m a priest.  I guess as people make the transition to Devil Worship, they can’t let go of the concept of the priest being the go between and the one set to absolve their sin.  Last I checked, as Devil Worshipers, we are to blatantly sin in the eyes of Ahura Mazda to offend and vex the slave master and its followers.  Please allow me to give you the righteous’s definition of absolution:

In the sacrament of penance, the act by which a qualified priest, having the necessary jurisdiction, remits the guilt and penalty due to sin. The new formula of absolution, since the Second Vatican Council, is: “God, the Father of mercies, through the death and resurrection of His Son, has reconciled the world to Himself and sent the Holy Spirit among us for the forgiveness of sins; through the ministry of the Church may God give you pardon and peace, and I absolve you from your sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” To which the penitent answers, “Amen.” In this formula essential words are: “I absolve you.” For centuries, the Church used the deprecatory form of absolution, e.g., “May God absolve you from your sins.” This was really declarative in meaning, as is clear from the fact that in the whole of tradition the priest who absolved was looked upon as a judge who actually absolved, even though he used the subjunctive mood to express his affirmative judgment. (Etym. Latin absolvere, to free from; to absolve, acquit.)

All items in this dictionary are from Fr. John Hardon’s Modern Catholic Dictionary, © Eternal Life. Used with permission.

I ask you to think beyond the standards that the righteous have enslaved your minds with, and realize that nothing is sacred, especially sin. These so called sins that are offensive to Ahura Mazda, are from stick in the ass uptight righteous control freaks who privately indulge in such activity.  They project the “dangers” of sin onto others to fulfill their self-righteous need for self-absolution.  Forget their game of guilt, that climbs all the way to the top of their ranks that stank.  So, the question is, what is the role of a Devil Worshiping Priest?

To inspire through doubt and vexation.  If a priest of the righteous is to bring peace, calm, and comfort shouldn’t the Devil’s priest bring angst, doubt, and vexation?  The followers of Traditional Ahriman, along with others who have contact with me regularly, normally only take me in small amounts because I give unto them these inspirational tools of the Devil.  This particular religion pushes its people to confront and destroy all those aspects that most find as weakness within their selves.  People use the religion of the righteous to escape their weaknesses and celebrate a slave master to attain a warm fuzzy, much like a meth or heroin addict.  What is the concept that can inspire such dread that causes such internal fright, the concept of rational truth.  Truth can set you free if your willing to accept it and work with to destroy the internal issues that hold you back from the Ahrimani Enlightenment.  For those of you who tread this path should be sitting down with your demons almost daily, we call this prayer and meditation along with the nightly rituals to allow yourself to use angst, vexation, and doubt to destroy the righteous’s programming.  For those who are unaware of the path laid out before us here is a copy of Ahrimani Enlightenment that has those prayers, meditations, and nightly rituals.  Just remember, you shouldn’t think that just because you replace the Devil with Gawd, that the rules of the religion stay the same.  On the contrary, the rules and game are quite different for both sides.


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Dakhma of Angra Mainyu 04/16 by Corruption of the Mind | Religion Podcasts

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Dakhma of Angra Mainyu 04/16 by Corruption of the Mind | Religion Podcasts.

Devil Worshiper’s Decree

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I am a Devil Worshiper, an Ahrimanist! I am a living embodiment of Ahzi-Dahaka, and I rule over myself. I watch over those who watch over me. I respect all life, meaning I will only kill in self-defense or defense of those whom I watch over. If you are without, then you must earn my respect. Should the mundane use the enemy’s name in my presence, I shall become hostile to the pious. As the Devil shifts, I also shall shift so I may take advantage to any situation I find myself in. I am person in reality surrounded by the enemy at all times and will maintain the awareness for self-preservation. I understand the law and its consequences, and will work around them to attain my Earthly Goals. My plans are mine alone and I will use the mundane to execute them. As I Devil Worshiper, I hold myself to the highest standards, while knowing others vary in degrees of degeneration. I will take vengeance on those who cross me,to what the degree I see fit. I establish my beliefs in accordance to the 13 Ahrimani Steps of Faith, knowing that Melek Taus is my guardian and guide. I know I am predestined for Hell. Proudly, I walk this world knowing I have Angra Mainyu’s favor!


Heaven Has No Host

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On October 31, 2013 at Lake Hefner (SE Corner of NW Expressway and Meridian).  The Dakhma of Angra Mainyu will give the public another chance to view another religious ritual.  This ritual is not for the faint at heart, as we are going crucify a person onto an inverted cross.  Daevas will be sent into Heaven to steal Jesus and Posses the crucified party.  Then Jesus will blaspheme the Holy Spirit and commit the unforgivable sin.  Then Jesus will be sent to Hell where the Devil dwells.  Its the 2nd coming like you never imagined.