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Ritual Tools

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Both the Way of Ahriman and Bible of Corruption will be retired with the publishing of Living Embodiment of Ahzi-Dahaka.  Here is the reworking and additions to the Traditional Ahrimanism ritual tools:

  • Religious Tools


Purpose of ceremonial magic is two-fold, to give sacrifice to the Daeva and to make request of the Daeva.  Each particular tool has a purpose in Physical Reality and in the Invisible.  We use these things as a way of celebrating and coming together to worship and sacrifice to seek the favor of the Daevas and seek help and guidance from the Invisible.  Human beings have lost their religious way and spiritual understanding of how the Invisible interacts with the Physical Reality, and this shows us that the time of Ahrimanic Teacher is imminent because of the religious deviation, division amongst all things, and belief only in Physical reality by way of science.  These destructive ideologies promulgate the Devil and strengthen Him.

Throughout time, Daeva have whispered to people the ways of magic and chaotic worship.  Many misunderstood in the Medieval Times, that Hebrew mysticism was the true path to become a living god or to have attained god like powers, and this same issue is alive and prevalent in the Occult world today.  Many magicians are often too scared to throw off the shackled righteous fear of Hell and they miss out on the extraordinary power of sorcery.  Ashemaogha Yatus, are sorcerers that attack Ahura Mazda, and makes apostates out of his followers.  For as Sorcerers we are to create vexation on all living things and destroy the “Good Ideology” by any means necessary, and especially with magic because it directly attacks Ahura Mazda himself.

Indoor Altar


There should be two physical altars in the ritual chamber, the floor altar has 2 purposes and is located in the center.  First purpose is for the Devil’s Yasna, which should be done a minimum of twice a month, but weekly is best.  The secondary purpose of the floor altar, is to raise it up to waist level for rituals that require a spiritual flesh altar, and it should be covered with a layer of black satin and a second layer of crimson red satin.  The floor altar should lay North to South, if sitting the head priest is looking North and if standing the head priest is facing the West wall.  The North Altar stands at the north wall running East and West as standing altar that the nightly transformative rituals are done.

Outdoor Altar


The Outdoor Altar is used for Quartly Rituals that are done on the Equinoxes and Soloists, and yearly feast should cooked in the fire pit part of the Outdoor Altar.  The fire pit should be 4 foot circumference about 18 inches deep, with a square retaining wall that encompasses the circular fire pit that is 5 foot by 5 foot; made from limestone bricks.  The pentagon should have its peak pointed to the North and the point should line up with the center of the circle of the fire pit with a 10 foot base.  The pentagon is made of large pieces of lumber with plastic laid on the open ground, and then fill the pentagon and around the retaining wall with pea gravel.  Place a canopy over the fire pit to protect it from the elements.



On the altar should be two candles.  Left front corner has a black candle.  This represents the Left-hand path and Melek Taus’s black flame.  Melek Taus guides us with this flame both in our internal elevation and evil enlightenment.  Right corner has a red candle, and represents the fire and will to concur by sustaining one’s own existence.  It’s with the Devil’s passion and chaos that we make our own way.



The athame is a forceful tool used by the Traditional Ahrimanist to extend his conscious mind’s command of desired magical out come and will into a finite point.  It is also used as a spiritual self-defense tool that can cut an entity down for a time if it’s attacking or being abstinent.  In many magical traditions, there are a variety of items that represent the magical male aspect of sexual nature of the blasting ideal of ejaculation.  Using the metaphor of a mushroom spore rain, sends the potential agitation to fertilize the ground to reproduce and continue its genetics.  The athame is by far the most precise version of the tools and the most base which gives it the most potential power.

Chalice, Offering Bowl, Menses Pot, Soma Cups


All of these containers have different jobs but maintain the same purpose of representing the feminine aspect of magic in the Invisible.  The Chalice gives the intoxicating libation of the female flesh that lowers inhibition and allows for fuller emotional expression and experience.  In Traditional Ahrimanism, the offering bowl represents the barren female that still collects the offer of the ash that is the remnants of desire delivered through Agni, which charges ash for defilement.  The lushest menses pot holds that very fluid of the sweetest corruption and concupiscence that calls the Daeva like beacon in the darkest night.  The Soma Cups hold the nectar of Zariz, through the Soma drink Angra Mainyu gives his blessing to the Sons of Adam.




The sound of clashing metal is music to the ears of the Daeva.  They are accustom to the sound meaning war and fighting, which is chaos, death, and blood.  This is to summon the Daeva to hear our request and receive our sacrifice.  The opposing noise would be banging a brass bowl or ringing a brass bell.  That is the reason that Traditional Ahrimanism has removed the use of the clearing bell.  It drives away the Daeva and calls the Ahuras into the space, though it can be used like Pavlov’s Conditioning methods.

Parchment or Flash paper


For traditional purposes, parchment paper is used for ritual requests.  For thousands of years man has used animal skin to write on.  Holding their tradition, the requests are written an animal skin.  The requests are then burned and Agni delivers the request to the intended Daeva. Flash paper should be used to cover sacrifices that are to be burned, and the flash is your way of knowing Agni has your sacrifice.

Altar Plaque and Amulet


The symbol of the Seraphim is the recognized by the denizens of Hell.  The altar plaque should be 18 inches in diameter.  The symbol of the Seraphim is different than the normal Baphomet.  The face of the lion is maintained due to the long time association of the lion and Ahriman.  The six wings is the authority of the Seraphim.  Around the Seraphim you find sigils of Ahriman, Melek Taus, and Jahi.  These are the ruling body of Hell and Earth.  Through our Spiritual Oligarchy can all the spenders of the Physical World be attain if one destroys the enemy’s Spiritual Kingdom.



Uses the pentagonal setup of 5 mirrors (like the center of the pentagram, apex pointed north) allows for an X crossroad versus a + crossroad.  The infinity crossroad allows for direct energy exchange with the Devil.  The third vector is created by having mirrors in and above the space enclosed within the pentagonal gateway.  This allows for the physical temple to be projected and become the spiritual temple as well.  Here is, behind the black hole do we conspire with Angra Mainyu.

Strobe Lights


Strobe lights have a more mental purpose to help connect to the Invisible.  Its best t0 use three different strobe lights running at three different speeds.  Bounce the lights off the mirrors to enhance the infinity vector of the crossroads.  This amplifies the direct link of the subconscious mind to the Devil’s Domain through the gateway that is opened by the mirrors.  It’s best to have both mirrors and strobe lights on the floor, minus the one mirror on the ceiling.  If people who are part of the ritual have epilepsy or start having seizures then be ready to deal with that.

Tesla Coil

These are used for a twofold purpose.  Charging the ritual chamber with a Tesla Coil allows us to bring in O3, which also cause the same type of electro-static charge of the earth’s atmosphere.  This also produced the same ionization that is found after a lightning strike and the gamma reflection of the Moon, which in turns creates a charging environment for the Invisible Daeva.  It also charges the human adrenal response, which also causes the molecules of our cells to become energetic.  Ritual requires the tapping of the reptilian brain.  The major emotions of fear, anger, and lust live here.  The higher the emotional response, the better results can be.

Oils and Incense


Knowing that the sense of smell is the sense that connects strongest to memory, its best to use oils and incense that are unique and outside the normal range of daily scents.  The burning of incense is another offering and sacrifice to the Daeva.  Sandal incense have proven to be best to appease the Daeva.  Cypress and Pine Tree scented oils bring about the scent of the Fly Agaric Mushrooms because they grow at the base of these trees.  Make the scent of the ritual chamber conducive to the Daeva and a remembered scent to those who worship there.



The scent is the catalyst to the emotion to occur, and then music drives the emotion through the ritual.  Instrumental music is best because lyrics can be distracting, which can break mental focus and can separate emotional experience of the ebbs and flows of the music while disrupting the spoken aspect of ritual.  The addition of white noise, bi-nary beats at the Theta level, is best to bring about a good trance state that allows for the highest amount of creative energy that allows communication directly to the Indivisible.  Black noise of chaos can also be added to create an adrenal response and an uneasiness that allows for focus to be maintain without falling asleep.  Musical ambience is important to establish and maintain emotional response to include the mesmerizing effect of a strong beat that follows the spoken aspect (Celebration is ritual and ritual is sacrifice).



A physical representation of a Daeva that is worshiped allows for both the devotee and the Daeva to store energy together.  This allows for a reservoir of energy for both.  It also gives that particular Daeva and anchor to the Physical Reality that gives easier congress to be summoned into ritual.  The use of a clear quartz crystal can help with the communication between the devotee and Daeva.  The combined essence of both idol and crystal gives a Yatus a unique combination to commune with Daeva.

Japa-Mala and Gem Stones


As one progress on the path of Evil Enlightenment, mantra and tantric working that will require the use of counting device that becomes charged with your Prana and the Daeva’s spiritual essence.  Rudraksha Japa-Mala is the chosen mala because it is the prayer beads use by Shivites, and Rudraksha means Rudra (Shiva/Nanshait) and aksha means eyes or tears.  The mala is to be made of 108 seeds from Rudraksha Tree (which is an evergreen tree) 3 Lapis Lazuli spacer beads, 1 bindu bead made of ox bone, and Seraphim or Om pendant.  The use of a variety of gem stones are used to be charged in the use of mantra, planetary mantra, masturbatory tantric work, and other Chakra workings.  These stones can be used with combination of seed mantra working and your intent to use against a target to attack spiritually.

Ritual Book


This should be your personal journal of nightly ritual and the recorded after effects.  In the Traditional Ahrimanist Temple, the Ritual Book is the hand written clergy manual written by the Mobed of that chapter.  Nobody is to handle that book except the Dastur, Mobed it belongs to, or that Mobed’s Herbad.  This is book used in weekly, quarterly, and yearly rituals.  It also contains the secrets of the clergy, will be maintained under lock and key.



Yantras are used similar to angelic or demonic sigils or seals.  You may also find that working with Yantras was stolen and reworked by the Jews with their Qabalah practices.  The point of Yantra working is to open your subconscious mind to the influence of the Daeva that choose to work with at that time.  These could be used for the purpose to allow for communication with a Chakra Guardian Daeva or use for exterior magic in the form of a talisman that can be charged for your own purposes.  The most common you find are Chakra Flags but those are missing the Deva and his spiritual chariot and only have the concurrent color and Bindu symbology.


Spiritual Response to Saint Jude Cathedral’s Spiritual Attack

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Above is a picture of the inside of the Saint Jude Cathedral. Friday 7/25/14, they will be having a prayer hour to spiritually battle the Black Mass of Oklahoma.


Fr. John Lankeit, rector of Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral, is leading this “attack.” We at the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu will be conducting a nice little ritual for them Friday evening, 8 pm central time. We invite all Left Hand Path followers to do this ritual as well. That way, we can send our energy at them.

Destruction of Catholic Prayer

1 Black Candle on the left and 1 red candle on the right side of the altar.
Sandol incense stick and Cinnamon oil for fragrance
Apostasy ritual music with 5 mirror pentagonal scheme, and high flux speed on strobe lights
Charge chamber with tesla coil, till participants become slightly nauseous
Lower point whiskey (40 proof) for Chalice.

Rise up, thou Father of us! For I will cause that conflict in the world where from the distress and injury of Auharmazd and his arch angels will arise.

Rise up, thou Father of us! For in conflict I will shed thus much vexation on the righteous man and the laboring ox, that through my deeds, life will not be wanted, and I will destroy their living souls, I will vex the water, I will vex the plants, I will vex the fire of Auharamazd, I will make the whole of creation of Auharamazd vexed!

I call forth Angra Mainyu to this house, to this borough, to this town, to this land; to the very body of the man defiled by the dead, to the very body of the woman defiled by the dead; to the master of this house, to the lord of the borough, to the lord of the town, to the lord of the land; to the whole of the Infernal World!
I call forth Nasu, I call direct defilement, I call forth indirect defilement to this house, to this borough, to this town, to this land; to the very body of the man defiled by the dead, to the very body of the woman defiled by the dead; to the master of this house, to the lord of the borough, to the lord of the town, to the lord of the land; to the whole of the Infernal World!
I call forth Vedic Indra, I call forth Sauru, I call forth the Daeva Naunghaithyn, I call forth to this house, to this borough, to this town, to this land; to the very body of the man defiled by the dead, to the very body of the woman defiled by the dead; to the master of this house, to the lord of the borough, to the lord of the town, to the lord of the land; to the whole of the Infernal World!

I call forth Tauru, I call forth Zairi to this house, to this borough, to this town, to this land; to the very body of the man defiled by the dead, to the very body of the woman defiled by the dead; to the master of this house, to the lord of the borough, to the lord of the town, to the lord of the land; to the whole of the Infernal World!
I call forth Aeshma, the fiend of the wounding spear, I call forth Daeva Akatasha to this house, to this borough, to this town, to this land; to the very body of the man defiled by the dead, to the very body of the woman defiled by the dead; to the master of this house, to the lord of the borough, to the lord of the town, to the lord of the land; to the whole of the Infernal World!
I call forth Varenga Daeva, I call the wind Daeva to this house, to this borough, to this town, to this land; to the very body of the man defiled by the dead, to the very body of the woman defiled by the dead; to the master of this house, to the lord of the borough, to the lord of the town, to the lord of the land; to the whole of the Infernal World!
I partake from the chalice of life, swallowing deeply the elixir of ecstasy. For tonight we celebrate: the vexing of the loins to those Catholics who kneel against us in reverent prayer.

I call upon the lustful Daevas of deep watery Abyss. Manifest to my voice as I call your name: Jahi, Mitra, Oz, Indra, Vishnu, Surya

Quashi ds pragma do Ast, zirdo micalzo saanire Tplabc Zibra, fifis alca de vohim pugo nonce! Nostoah gohulim: Micma adoian a Coronzon, iaod a bliar, soba ooanoan chiso lucifitias aoiveae abraas gi lap taba Tplabc Zibra, od adphant damploz; tooat nonca nanaeel om de lrasd tofglo marb yarry Coronzon artrint a oxiayal, od goholor croodzi gohol: “Caosga, taboard pi saanir sa yrpoil a pi; adgmach a pi paid ors ba sa dodpal zylna. Zar parm aurelp doalim od ta qurlst, booapis. L nibm oucho symp; od ag toltorn mire tiobla lel. Cormfa dilzmo par aspian; sa par paradial, bams omaos. Conisbra od avavox, tonug. Orsca, noasmi tabges levithmong! Oucho oma cors! Baglen? Levithmong chiis ollor geh qting. L capimao ixomaxip, od ca cocasb gosa; baglen pi tianta a babalond, od faorgt darbs Choronzon. Torgu donasdogamatatastos. Zadzaczadlin camliax; Oadriax orocha aboupri! Tabaori priazar tabas! Adrpan cors tadobix. Yolcam priaziar coazoir, od quasb qting. Ripir, paaoxt saga cor; uml od prdzar cacrg aoiveae cormpt. Torzu! Zocar! Od zumran aspt sibs; Coronzon butmona, dsCoronzon surzas Tia padgze. Odo cicle qaa od ozazmu plapli IADANAMADA!
Micma!, goho Coronzon, zir comselh zien biah em londoh. Nors chis othil gigipah, undl chis ta puim, mospleth teloch. Quiin toltorg chisi chis ge, m ozien ds brgda od! Torzul I li eol balzarg, od aala em thiln netaab, dluga vomsarg lonsa capmiali vors homil cocasb, fafen izizop od miinoag de g netaab, vaun nanaeel panpir malpirg pild caosg. Noan unalah balt od vooan. Doioap Coronzon, goholor zamran! Micma!, iehusoz cacaom, od dooain noar micaolz aaiom. Casarmg gohia: Zacar! Gohulor!, od imvamar pugo, plapli ananael do qaan!
Coraxo vonpho gnay page local, aziazior paeb soba lilonon chis a salbrox virg oephan od raclir maasi bagel caosgi, ialpon dosig od basgim od oxex dazis siatris od salbrox cynxir faboan. Unal chis const ds yor eors vohim gizyax od matb plosi molvi, ds page ip, larag om droln matorb cocasb L patralx yolci matb, nomig monos olora gnay angelard. Ohio! Ohio! Ohio! Ohio! Ohio! Ohio! Noib!, ohio caosgon, bagel Madrid I, zirop, chiso drilpa. Niiso! Crip ip vohim sapah!
Nonei ds sonf babage od chis hubaio tibibp, allar atraah od ef! Drix bransg donasdogamatatastos, ar Coronzon ovof, soba dooain aai I vonph! Zacar ca, zamran! Odo cicle qaa! Zorge, lap zirdo lel! Hoath Coronzon, Iaida donasdogamatatastos!

I am the one who brings Hell’s delights to the slaves of those enslaved by the God of the pious. As they kneel down to pray, I command Mother Jahi, to arouse all female slaves to become moist as tulips in the morning due. That their minds become open to lustful images of their mouths filled for need for the rod of life. Just as the seed passeth, my it be swallowed whole.

Power binding Mitra, as the rod of life is being worshiped, fill these sheep with lust. Allow them grasp at the bowed head before them, and push a thrust deeper into moisten cavity of Virgin Whore of Gawd. Revitalize these slaves into men once again. Grant onto them the strength to break away and become free from the shackles of enslavement.

Oh great Oz, consumer of the cosmic edifice of never ending lust and gluttony, over whelm these female slaves as they swallow the seed of man. Over whelm them with concupiscence so that they will seek freedom from Gawd and the anointing seed of the Devil. Free their piety and open their wombs to become the house of demon born. Grant them the gluttonous virtue to produce a pride of the most Hellish descent for the coming days.

Hail Jahi!

Through these mundane explicit acts of fevered lust, breaks the chains that bind these sheep! It is now time for the inspiring spring Indra, to whisper in the ears of the newly freed. The Devil is the true God you seek. Follow the Black Flame of Melek Taus as it will guide you to the God of this world. Ahriman grants you the freedom and independence that you seek. He becomes greater with your every sin. Step out of that blinding light, and into the animal cave of reason.

Wrathful God Vishnu, strike down unbelief 3 times. 3 times these lustful open witches shall swallow the seed of discontent. They shall renewed focus for life of free will. 3 times shall these priests of power thrust their rods and spill their seed onto the tonsils of theses witches. Let them all be filled with power of the Devil, and become the children of Adam once more!

As the satisfaction of the fulfilled animal desires set in, Surya, vex them into action through envy. Allow them to see all that the Catholic Church has gain, and become envious of their power and belongings. Inspire them to take back their independence and belongings they so desire from the Catholic Church. Fill them with the will of the Devil to seek out that which they desire and destroy those that they take it from.

Hail Ahriman!

(Priest and Altar engage in sex magick, aiming their animal desires to the praying Catholics in Phoenix, AZ. If alone, use same technique while masturbating. Once orgasmic release has been had, the rite is over.)

So it is finished!