Official Press Release For Ahrimani Enlightenment

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Ahrimani Enlightenment, a new book by Adam Daniels, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

“Both good and evil are equal forces in a constant war that maintains equilibrium. We have been under the law of ‘Light,’ and it has shown itself to be abusive, enslaving, and stifling to the betterment of mankind.”

Thus opens the Ahrimani Enlightenment by Dastur Adam Daniels, a tome that serves as a guide for those who choose to worship Ahriman, providing key articles of faith, prayers, and rituals. Ahriman is of course the nemesis of Ahura Mazda in Zoroastrianism, and here he is interpreted as the true essence of the universe, assisted by Melek Taus, the illuminating light, guardian, and ruler of Earth in this system.

For the uninitiated, the church of Ahriman seeks to break away from the conventional association with traditional Satanists, “due to the understanding that Satan is a fallen angel subservient to the slave master Jehovah. Traditional Satanists believe that in the end, Satan and Jehovah will war and Satan will emerge the victor. However, Ahriman is an equally unstoppable force. The Dark Ages, dominated by the Catholic Church, based their spiritual enemy, Satan, on Ahriman.

About the Author:
Adam Daniels holds a sixth degree black belt in aikido and a black belt in judo. After killing an assailant in self-defense, Dastur discovered he could find little solace in the religions and spiritual systems he could find. A critical statement in a Satanic Bible, however, enabled him to turn his life around, and he has never since looked back, even finally finding a way to fuse Satanism with Eastern spirituality.

Ahrimani Enlightenment is a 72-page paperback with a retail price of $9.00. The ISBN is 978-1-4809-0149-0. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information, or to request a review copy, please go to our virtual pressroom or our online bookstore


Basic Spiritual Work of Traditional Ahrimanism

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                           Yatus Core Cosmology

Suarva Heart/Anahata Mars North Air/Fire
Aka Manah Brow/Ajna Mercury Northwest Spirit/Earth
Jahi Sacral/Swadhisthana Moon West Water/Water
Zariz South West Water/Earth
Yama South Water/Spirit
Agri Naval/Manipura Sun South East Fire/Fire
Indra Root/Muladhara Jupiter East Earth/Spirit
Nanshait Throat/Vishuddha Venus North East Spirit/Water
Melek Taus Crown/Sahasrara Saturn Above Air/Purusha
Angra Mainyu Below Purusha

Yatus Chakras

Chakra Root Sacral Naval Heart Throat Brow Crown
Color Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet
Deity Indra Jahi Agri Suarva Nanshait AkaManah Ahriman
Sense Smell Taste Sight Touch Hearing Mind Spirit
Action Excretion Reproduction Movement Work Speaking Dream Align
Body Anus Gonads Feet Hands Voice Pineal  
Mantra Lam Vam Ram Yam Ham AUM Silence


 Yatus Stones


Properties Root Chakra Muladhara Jupiter
Color Red Silver
Element Earth Spirit
Deity Indra Indra
Body Anus Brain
Stone Fire Agate/Onyx Yellow Sapphire



                Properties Sacral Chakra Swadhisthana Moon
Color Orange White
Element Water Water
Deity Jahi Jahi
Body Gonads Blood
Stone Dragon’s Eye/Fire Opal Pearl



         Properties Naval Chakra Manipura Sun
Color Yellow Red
Element Fire Fire
Deity Agri Agri
Body Feet Bone
Stone Sulphur/Tiger Eye Ruby



                Properties Heart Chakra Anahata Mars
Color Green Red
Element Air Fire
Deity Suarva Suarva
Body Hands Marrow
Stone Green Apatite/Serpentine Coral



                Properties Throat Chakra Vishuddha Venus
Color Blue Yellow
Element Spirit Water
Deity Nanshait Aeshma
Body Vocal Cords Semen
Stone Lapis Lazuli/Blue Opal Diamond



                Properties Brow Chakra Ajna Mercury
Color Indigo Green
Element Purusha Earth
Deity Aka Manah Aka Manah
Body Brain Skin
Stone Lapis Lazuli/Chev Anethyst Emerald


Properties Crown Chakra Sahasrara Saturn
Color Violet Blue/Black
Element Purush Air
Deity Ahriman Melek Taus
Body Top of Head Muscules
Stone Rainbow Moonstone/Tanzanite Blue Sappire



Yatus Seed/Body


Chakra Daeva/Body Planet Daeva/Body Devi/Body
Muladhara Indra/Anus Jupiter Indra/Brain Sakini/Bone
Swadhisthana Jahi/Gonads Moon Jahi/Blood Kakini/Fat
Manipura Agri/Feet Sun Agri/Bone Lakini/Flesh
Anahata Suarva/Heart Mars Suarva/Marrow Rakini/Blood
Vishuddha Nanshait/Voice Venus Aeshma/Semen Dakini/Skin
Ajna Aka Manah/Mind Mercury Aka Manah/Skin Hakini/Marrow


Yatus Dikpala


Daeva Direction Chakra Planet Mantra
Suarva North Anahata Mars Sam
Aka Manah North West Ajna Mercury Yam
Jahi West Swadhisthana Moon Vam
Zariz South West Ksam
Yama South Mam
Agri South East Manipura Sun Ram
Indra East Muladhara Jupiter Lam
Nanshait North East Vishuddha Venus Ham
Melek Taus Above Sahasrara Saturn Hrim
Angra Mainyu Below Klim

 Yatus Zodiac


Zodiac Animal Dates Element Greek Equivalent
Varak Lamb/Ram 3/21-4/19 Fire Aries
Tora Bull/Ox 4/20-5/19 Earth Taurus
Dopatkar 2 figaros 5/20-6/18 Air Gemini
Kala Kang Crab 6/19-7/18 Water Cancer
Ser Lion 7/19-8/17 Fire Leo
Khusak Ear of Grain 8/18-9/16 Air Virgo
Tarazuk Scales 9/17-10/16 Air Libra
Gazdum Scorpion 10/17-11/15 Water Scorpio
Nimasp Centar 11/16-12/15 Fire Sagittarius
Vahik Goat 12/16-1/14 Earth Capricorn
Dul Water Sprout 1/15-2/13 Air Aquarius
Mahik Fish 2/14-3/15 Water Pisces
Hamaspath-Maidyem Mid path of all, New Year 3/16-3/20 Pisces

The Real Enemy (Black Mass Documentary)

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Dead Center

Thursday, June


Saturday, June 13

Mimicry is a Form of Mockery

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Chapter 100. [Ahriman (the devil)]

1. Then I saw the Evil spirit, the deadly, the world-destroyer, whose religion is evil, (2) who ever ridiculed and mocked the wicked in hell  (Arda Viraf)

It was brought to my attention that the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu is riding coattails.  Hmm, this seems to be a repeating pattern from Nay Sayers.  I will address the most recent, and laugh.  If Ol’ Wonky Eye, would stop dropping the ball, I wouldn’t be able to take the ball and run with it.  If the opportunity presents itself to run a touchdown off of fumble, I’m going to take it.  If I have the opportunity, to take remove your star play and player from the field, I will.  The only law in Traditional Ahrimanism is revenge.  If mockery is the Devil’s tool to destroy, then mimicry is as well.  Maybe my plays are to layered for simpletons, even educated ones, to realize when mimicry is being used as vengeance.  If my superior product or plays are to difficult to understand, then get off my playing field.  Maybe, just maybe, crossing a Devil Worshiper is not worth the investment?  Atheist, Satanist, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, and etc mean nothing after I’ve been crossed.  Please, look into the lesson of objective apathy.

Ahrimani Enlightenment, World Breaking News

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To celebrate the official publication, we are having a workshop over Dastur Adam’s book.  It will be at the local metaphysical shop, Once Upon a Silver Moon:  Workshop will include a copy of the Book, amulet, quartz crystal, black candle, and incense.  After the workshop we will show, The Real Enemy.  This is an independent documentary on last year’s Black Mass.

Office Release for Ahrimani Enlightenment

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The official date for the published book, Ahrimani Enlightenment is set for 06/05/2015.  We will update as to when the book will be available for purchase.

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Traditional Ahrimanism is Stand Alone

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ahriman (1)

Traditional Ahrimanism as taught by the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu, is a stand alone religious practice.  This religion is built out of deep study into Indo-Iranian, Vedic Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Zurvanism, and Yazidism.  Traditional Ahrimanism is codified within these constructs only.  The base magical system is a corrupted rewritten perversion of Enochian Magic along with base sorcery found in Shivate worship to include Aghori traditions.  Traditional Ahrimanism has been classified by Dr Sieg of the University of New Mexico as:  An anti-cosmic religion, that is humanistic as its follows because base human nature is self-destructive.  The church is uncovering and reconstructing an ancient form of Deva worship that is centered around Angra Mainyu.  Angra Mainyu is normally missed translated as angry spirit, in reality its translated as the spirit of anguish and anxiety.  They are also an apocalyptic religion that is trying to unleash the Devil to destroy the Earth, and they engage in spiritual battle through ritualistic practice against Ahura Mazda and its followers.

Traditional Ahrimanism has nothing to do with Luciferianism.  There are minor similarities because there is limited amount of codified religious knowledge of Zoroastrianism and Yazidism.  Traditional Ahrimanism is a theistic religion, where Luciferianism; is a atheistic form of philosophy that engages in a pantheistic magical practice that is based on Joseph Campbell’s theory on blanket arch-types and Karl Jung’s version of Gnostic Christianity that uses Qabala as an internal self-development system.  This system is never really explained on its use.  Traditional Ahrimanism uses the theories set forth by Rudolf Steiner with Spiritual Science combined with Chakra practice, codified by the Traditional Ahrimanic religious dogma, that guides the practitioner step by step.

Luciferianism is another occult practice that uses multiple pantheons and cultural religious practices, in a similar practice to Thelema’s philosophy, of having your head in the heavans and your feet in the hells.  They take these things to the extremes so they can have lone practitioners buy the “necessary” tools needed to “work” the Luciferian magical path way.  In order to engage in this practice of multiple pantheons, you will need items specifically for only one pantheon at a time.  This includes a variety of daggers, masks, books, sigils, robes, books, music, candles, incenses, books, and other kinds of ritual gear.  Of course, they have an internet shop where you, can purchase these things for above average price because they are considered specialty items.  Traditional Ahrimanism suggest tools that you should use and most of these things can be found at low prices in stores in your city or neighborhood, and they are universal in most forms of magical practice.

Luciferianism teaches its followers to be hidden away from society and disconnect from all social nets as a form of sustaining godhood.  They claim long periods of isolation helps build strength, and this can be true for more experienced practitioners, but is disastrous to new people who are likely come from a traumatic back ground to begin with. These folks are their prey that they get the most money from.  Traditional Ahrimanism teaches people to be proud of their religion, but to keep it to themselves because of the normal reaction to worshiping the devil.  Finally, the leaders of Traditional Ahrimanism put their money where their mouth is by provoking, fighting, and winning against the Catholic Church in a public/political fight that was seen world wide.  This proves the strength and character that Traditional Ahrimanism provides its followers.