Culture and Ahriman



Culture, in my opinion, is a dynamic floor which makes growth possible for its founders and followers according to goals which it’s planned on. Every opinion and thought which is potential to attract followers is capable of turning into seed of rooting a culture proportional to itself.

Dynamism of culture is of growth-oriented nature of human beings which leads humanity to self-actualization, which always looks for something apart of achievements of other humans and finds its end in a creation which is unique and this uniqueness continues till edition and sometimes change of the foundation of the culture, like a sharp blade; this finally will result in variety but not out of kindness to remind that sometimes this variety, if there’s any digestibility in the culture, will make the culture richer but the question is till where will this endless carousel of change continue? Where’s the end of changes and growth of all cultures?

Consequential point is that due to current condition of world, It’s understandable that minds of human beings has similar palate in creation of different cultures and values, which means seems like humans are looking for a same thing in their inmost, like a painter who finds ecstasy in himself, goes to canvas and finally amazes himself and others while he has no supposition about dimensions of his idea and harvest strategies of people about his product, at the beginning; at the end painter’s product underlies other thoughts which lead to the end of intelligence which produced that artwork, which is called trade ideas in general which is the outcome of effect of that artwork in heart of vector ideas.  Perceiving this, it’s understandable that human is looking for a point which has been in a unconscious try for it, from the beginning; an ending point which if achieving it becomes possible, appearance of the force which has hidden itself in mind of humanity will be finalized. The question which arises is that what can be established in the nature that is capable of eternal survival? Which is the final and the end point of humanity, the place where there will be no movement after that, and that appeared element which owes its appearance to willpower and creative power of humanity, becomes persistent? It’s visible and presumable that nothing is persistent in nature and every phenomenon is in cycle of change which at the end changes into a separate phenomenon, which means death of previous phenomenon which also has creation of a new phenomenon but it’s not possible to accept creation as a persistent element rather it’s better to understand it as a result of interference of an alien element in a universe which was not supposed to continue like this; this ominous element which takes us closer to oldness, olds us out and finally kills us, is that persistent phenomenon which is like a accursed dragon which pulls itself out of ground and when it comes out  nothing will remain except itself, it, itself, is a combination of mindlessness which won’t have any further creation, inertia which won’t have time and nihility which even this nihility at the end of essence of itself, is meaningless . No thoughts, no emotions and no concerns, real absolute peace.



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