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Devil Worshiper’s Decree

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I am a Devil Worshiper, an Ahrimanist! I am a living embodiment of Ahzi-Dahaka, and I rule over myself. I watch over those who watch over me. I respect all life, meaning I will only kill in self-defense or defense of those whom I watch over. If you are without, then you must earn my respect. Should the mundane use the enemy’s name in my presence, I shall become hostile to the pious. As the Devil shifts, I also shall shift so I may take advantage to any situation I find myself in. I am person in reality surrounded by the enemy at all times and will maintain the awareness for self-preservation. I understand the law and its consequences, and will work around them to attain my Earthly Goals. My plans are mine alone and I will use the mundane to execute them. As I Devil Worshiper, I hold myself to the highest standards, while knowing others vary in degrees of degeneration. I will take vengeance on those who cross me,to what the degree I see fit. I establish my beliefs in accordance to the 13 Ahrimani Steps of Faith, knowing that Melek Taus is my guardian and guide. I know I am predestined for Hell. Proudly, I walk this world knowing I have Angra Mainyu’s favor!